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We bring our senior, experienced and selected top tech and product talent to accelerate you in-house teams, ensure critical deliveries and when needed, take full responsibility on developing and operating products and platforms to enable your core teams to focus on their top priority domains.

Compact product teams

We provide compact and value focused senior teams with high talent density to those who need fast time-to-value and are looking for great cost-outcome ratio.

Accelerating inhouse teams

We provide experienced and hard to find tech and product talent, lead developers, technical product owners and hands-on architect to join andaccelerate your inhouse teams. We come with the value mindset and outcome focus.

Demanding architectures

We have experience in delivering modern, robust, scalable and secure architectures in environments of high volumes and strict performance requirements. We are specialised in demanding cloud native soutions.

Shifting teams from feature factories to value driven

We offer experienced lead developer / product manager pairs to join your inhouse team and inject the value mindset and outcome focus to your team by showing example in daily work.

Critical projects and programs

We have experience in delivering business critical projects and acting as a task force inside larger programs to ensure the delivery of critical items to keep the program on track.

Product/platform outsourcing

We take full responsibility on development and operation of existing or new digital products/platforms when you need to scale or enable your inhouse teams to focus on something else.


Paavo Punkari

+358 40 180 1295


Jari Harjula

+358 40 550 6531

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